About AVA Legal

The firm’s extensive property and commercial law experience means that it can offer quality legal advice based on practical commercial experience

Our approach and track record is such that we are confident that we can deliver on and exceed your expectations.

Here’s how we’re different:

Andreas von Altenstadt


Nayna Patel


Zoe Glasfurd


About the Firm

AVA Legal is a boutique law firm in Subiaco, Western Australia, with its core practice areas being property and commercial law.

Andreas established the firm more than 10 years ago as a specialised property and commercial law firm, located in Subiaco.

We have a long-established history of serving our clients’ needs and objectives successfully and with integrity. We do not just provide legal advice but listen and respect and communicate with our clients.

The firm has thrived and been involved in numerous large transactions in Western Australia over the years.

Our advice and service is therefore not only of the highest standard, but we also take time to get to know you and your business to achieve the best results and outcomes for you.

Our Vision and Competitive Advantage

To service our community of clients with integrity and the best possible advice and see our clients flourish;

To be adaptable and proactive to our client’s needs; and

To always be open and accountable and build strong relationships with our clients.

As a small firm, we pride ourselves on the strength of our client relationships. We recognise that our clients want excellence and we are committed to delivering excellence.


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