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AVA Legal

Our Fees

We understand the burden fees can be on legal transactions and we will structure our fees to suit you or your business.


As a general rule, our fees are calculated on an hourly basis in keeping with the prevailing professional cost scales (“Cost Scales”). The Cost Scales are a schedule of charges fixed by the Legal Costs Committee. The Legal Costs Committee is independent of the Law Society and the Courts. It is composed of lawyers and community representatives.  A copy of the Cost Scales is available upon request.  Ultimately, the cost of our services will depend upon a number of factors including the complexity of the work that we are required to undertake and the time necessary to complete it. This guide has been prepared for our clients to provide them with an understanding of our costs and issues relating to legal costs. It does not contain our fee rates, which are and are available on request. We invoice regularly, usually at monthly intervals, when a particular milestone is achieved or as agreed. Our tax invoices are usually accompanied by a summary that summarises the work done, the time taken to do it, and the amount charged for it.


We provide estimates before undertaking any work except for certain occasions, for example, when we are dealing with clients who are familiar with our fee structure for ‘routine’ work. Written estimate are available upon request.  Cost estimates are not quotes. They are often provided at a time when it is very difficult to anticipate all the work that will be required. As instructions progress, the circumstances, including those relating to costs, can change. If so, we notify our clients in advance. Clients may request revised cost estimates from time to time.


Your options include:

Fixed price – agreed price for identified work
Retainer – fixed price periodic fee – usually on monthly basis for an agreed range of work over an agreed period of time. Our usual retainer period is 12 months.
Event based – fees paid on successful completion of an event such as transaction and settlements.
Timed costing – charged for professional time on legal work at agreed hourly or daily rates.


A common area of dissatisfaction in lawyer/client relationships stems from outmoded law firm billing practices such as charges being applied for communications related to organising meetings and other logistical issues, excess charges for routine photocopying, telephone call charges for local and national calls. At AVA Legal it is our general policy not to charge for these services. We consider these costs to be part of operating overhead.


If it is necessary to make arrangements for the payment of legal fees, this should be done in advance. We are pleased to make favourable arrangements in appropriate circumstances. Unless arrangements are made to the contrary, our trading terms are usually 14 days from date of invoice.


Work carried out as and from 1 July 2000 attracts Goods and Services Tax (“GST”) which will be detailed on each account. We only accept instructions on the basis that clients are liable to pay the GST.

All clients must make their own enquiries as to:

  1. any credits that they may be entitled to for any GST that is paid; and
  2. the tax deductibility or otherwise of any amounts paid to us during the course of our instructions


  1. We have been instructed to consider and advise in relation to the taxation or financial implications of any instructions that we receive;
  2. we have acknowledged those instructions; and
  3. provided that advice in writing,
  4. we do not provide advice in relation to taxation or financial issues arising from instructions.


We welcome feedback. Please contact us during normal business hours if you have any queries or comments.

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